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Josefina Ramela

My name is Josefina Ramela, a passionate about photography. Recently, I decided to follow my instinct and made my first photographic trip to Africa. It was an enriching and epic experience; and even though it was fascinating to take so incredible pictures, the greatest reward of it was the strength this adventure gave me to make way for this new chapter of my life, that of a photographer. I trust my pictures move you, impress you somehow, and make you feel “something”.

I am characterized by a kind of sensitive, emotional photography that emphasizes the aesthetics of the pictures. I truly believe that the main purpose of a picture needs to be, on the one hand, to convey something, to tell a story and cause an impact on the viewer. On the other hand, it should be used to enhance the beauty of any room or any other place you cherish. I find the combination of these two elements just perfect.